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At the Law Offices of Michael T. Barrett, we understand that a person’s criminal history is not indicative of who they are as a person. There are many circumstances where a person is caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, resulting in a criminal charge that follows them around for years to come. Depending on the charge, our Waterbury criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you apply to have those crimes pardoned and erased from your record. Find out by calling for a free consultation.

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Understanding Pardons in Connecticut

The costs of a criminal history are much higher than just fines or imprisonment. With a criminal conviction on your record, it can be hard to obtain a job, a loan, or even a place to rent. Our firm can help you find out if you are eligible to receive relief from your past.

In Connecticut, you may be able to receive a(n):

  • Absolute pardon: This will completely erase your criminal record after three years have passed since your misdemeanor conviction, or five years after your felony conviction. You cannot apply if there are any pending charges on your record or if your case has been “nolled.”
  • Certificate of employability: You will receive documentation that you can legally be employed and can hold important licenses. While this will not erase the crime from your history, it can provide you with recourse should the employer deny your application based on criminal history alone.

Does a Pardon Erase a Criminal Record?

An absolute pardon will erase your criminal record. It will take three years after a misdemeanor conviction to have it removed from your criminal record or five years after a felony conviction.

How Long do You Have to Wait to Get Your Record Expunged in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, you must wait at least 3 years to have a misdemeanor expunged or 5 years from the date of the disposition to have a felony expunged. If you are worried about your criminal record affecting your job search in background checks, you can get a Certificate of Employability (COE) or provisional pardon, which makes it illegal for an employer to refuse to hire you just because of your record.

Applying for a Pardon in Connecticut

While the process to obtain a pardon for your crimes does not need a lot of insider knowledge, it does require access to important information and should be filed with care. If your application is denied, you will not be able to seek a pardon for another year. Let the Law Offices of Michael T. Barrett help you ensure the paperwork is done correctly and that the right people are contacted.

To apply for a pardon, you will need:

  • An application for the Board of Pardons
  • To attend a pre-screen session for your pardon
  • To pay a fee to the state police
  • A list of all crimes for which you want a pardon
  • A filled out fingerprint card
  • To appear for your pardon hearing

Our Waterbury criminal defense lawyer can be by your side throughout the proceedings of your pardon to help tell your side of the story. Call today to learn more.

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